This contract is concluded between you and Mondial1. It is dated from your date of identifying number (ID) allocation request via the e-mail you freely decide to send to Mondial1. By this voluntary action, you accept the entire General Terms and Conditions below. 


 BY COMPLETING THE MONDIAL1 MEMBER IDENTIFYING NUMBER FORM AND SENDING IT BY E-MAIL, YOU ACCEPT THE TERMS OF USE, THE PRIVACY POLICY AND ANY OTHER DOCUMENTS SUBMITTED BY MONDIAL1 TO MEMBERS. You declare that this contract is reasonable and sufficient to protect the various parties’ rights and the community’s interests. 


 Mondial1 is apolitical and is neither a company, nor an association, nor an NGO or a private club but rather a global network that web entrepreneurs and networkers, on the proposal of Mr Lambert KOUASSI, have decided to put in place to address the issues that prevent the majority of networkers from enjoying businesses where sponsorship, in-depth team building, network balancing, and leadership are required to be successful. Mondial1 comes as a real solution to help everyone get the most out businesses, even of those who don't like sponsored businesses. The Mondial1 Member has an ID which represents their position in the global network and to this ID are assigned two referrals. When the majority of members decide by vote to invest in a company, it is the Mondial1 network that applies to that company and it is up to each member to activate their position by paying the minimum package designated by the Mondial1 community. The main goal is to organize VIA INTERNET entrepreneurs so that they can together build businesses that benefit everyone and not companies and a minority of people called “Leaders”.Mondial1 General terms and conditions 

Any entrepreneur or networker of any nationality who has reached the age of majority in his country and for whom such an initiative has a meaning can freely request an ID through email and participate in constructing Mondial1 network if the request is approved in order to take maximum advantage of it. Indeed, building Mondial1 is to build for oneself a dense, balanced business network that constantly grows in depth. 


 a. Lambert Kouassi, being the designer of Mondial1 and the one who prepared the roadmap, remains the main administrator of the network. If he later considers it important to make changes to the fundamentals of Mondial1 in order to innovate and adapt to future challenges, he will first submit the idea to main ambassadors and finally all Members will give their opinion by online vote. As Principal Administrator, it is up to him to set up an office in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire, to recruit as needed at least two (2) agents for the records management staff and to use part of the participation fee for management costs. Three (3) times a year he will report to Mondial1 members on his management via Zoom by presenting them transparently accounts cash in and cash out of crypto and the reasons for these movements. The Principal Administrator’s other collaborators are the Members qualified PRINCIPAL Ambassadors of different countries. In addition, he will choose from among them an honest, determined, trustworthy person who masters the vision of Mondial1 to help him in his task. NB: The Principal Ambassador of a country is the Ambassador who recruited the most Members during the first semester of the Mondial1 year which runs from December 12 to June 12. 

b.  Lambert Kouassi, the designer of Mondial1 created the backbone of Mondial1. But the Mondial1 community will be able to make any necessary modifications or innovations after a vote which expresses the will of the majority.Mondial1 General terms and conditions 

c. In the event that a Mondial1 Member is unable to activate their pack in a business that the Mondial1 community has decided to develop, the Mondial1 Principal Administrator will use the participation fees to purchase the pack and the position for which the pack has been purchased will thus become the property of Mondial1 and therefore of all Members. 

d.  The processing of emails and the allocation of IDs will be done day after day BY ORDER OF RECEIPT and each Member will receive their ID by email in Mondial1's response to their request. If the request is refused or approved, the Member will also be notified by email. 

 e. In a business chosen by the community to apply the Mondial1 network, each time a Member's network reaches the 10th generation and lists a total of 2046 Mondial1 members in his team, he must NOTIFY it to Mondial1 and reposition himself, that is, to take a new position below the last Mondial1 registered member of his downline so that the Mondial1 network is constantly oxygenated by new and old Members. Any Member who refuses the repositioning will be stripped of their ID and will lose all related advantages. 

 f. Mondial1's tools to build the global network and to communicate with its Members are:, Telegram, YouTube, Whatsapp, Zoom, Tron, Mondial1 website (under construction) and the Vote. But the information regarding IDs allocation will first be published on December 12, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. GMT in the Mondial1 Telegram Group and on the "community" page of the Mondial1 YouTube channel. 


The choice of a business to develop will be made by vote, then one (1) month will be devoted to explaining its business plan to the whole community via Zoom and videos before deciding of a date for memberships and pack purchases.Mondial1 General terms and conditions Each member will make the purchase of his pack himself after a registration made by himself or by Mondial1 agents. If after the application of Mondial1 to a business, the company goes bankrupt, it is not up to Mr Lambert KOUASSI, the designer of Mondial1 nor to the sponsors who have helped you to discover and join Mondial1 to bear the responsibility of such a situation: all Mondial1 members without exception will assume the consequences. Indeed, choosing a business together is choosing to win together or to lose together. Anyone of full age who is not responsible enough to take on both successes and losses in a business should not join Mondial1. In the event of loss of money, no member must demand from Mondial1, Lambert Kouassi or any Mondial1 Member any reimbursement of their membership fees.Mondial1 has not appointed any Member or Ambassador to collect funds or participation fees from Members. Each new ID applicant or former Mondial1 Member must pay their annual participation fees DIRECTLY to the Tron address of Mondial1 (published by the Mondial1 administrator in the Telegram group and on the Mondial1 YouTube channel) FROM HIS OWN TRON ACCOUNT. Anyone who is swindled by dishonest people pretending to be Mondial1 agents will not be able to demand reimbursement from Mondial1.An Ambassador Member is not a sales representative or an employee of Mondial1, he is a Member of Mondial1 like all other Members. Therefore, he MUST NOT REQUIRE those he helps to pay him any money for the service rendered while sending their files by e-mail. Mondial1 will not accept any form of claim for reimbursement from victims and the Mondial1 Member who engages in such acts will alone assume the consequences of his dishonesty. The dishonest Member will lose not only their ID but also their Mondial1 Member status.Mondial1 General terms and conditions Mondial1 is not an investment platform. Therefore, the real source of income for each member will come from his commissions received from his position for which he bought a membership pack in a business. If the Mondial1 community chooses a business which is not profitable or which is no longer profitable, no Member can complain to Mondial1 or its main administrator because each member, depending on his position in the network, receives his commissions DIRECTLY from the chosen company and not from Mondial1.The growth of the Mondial1 network, the speed or the slowness with which each member will receive their 2 referrals in the matrix or in a business will not depend on the managers of Mondial1 but on all the members. The more everyone will promote the Mondial1 concept in their country and on the Internet as we had done for MLM companies, the quicker everyone will have their two referrals and the more the network will grow throughout the world for the happiness of all. Each member must be aware that if for 1 member we need 2 referrals, for 2000 Members for example, we will need 4000 Members and for the 4000 Members we will need 8000 etc. Consequently, we are all responsible for the slowness and the speed of the Mondial1 network. 


To become a Mondial1 Member, each Member voluntarily submits a request by e-mail via the identification number allocation form, after reading our Terms and conditions. By becoming a Mondial1 Member, you accept the following conditions: The $1 participation fees in the first year, which will increase by $1 per year do not constitute a sum of money invested capable of producing interest for the member or do not represent the price of a product or a service that the member purchases and which Mondial1 must deliver in return.Mondial1 General terms and conditions These participation fees are non-refundable and represent your annual contribution as a Member who enjoys the advantages which flow from the organization and management of a global network which generates annual fees. Mondial1 reserves the right to refuse any request for the allocation of IDs at its sole discretion, as well as the withdrawal of a Member's ID in the event of a serious violation of the Terms and Conditions of this contract. 


All Mondial1 members have the same rights and obligations. However, a Member can, by his work and dedication to Mondial1, distinguish himself from other members who have just registered, who do not promote Mondial1 and thus do not contribute to Mondial1 network growth. The Active Member can qualify for the rank of Ambassador and benefit from it thanks to the annual participation fee. The Ambassador Member is the one who devotes time to explain Mondial1 to multitudes and help them to adhere to the vision of Mondial1 by filling in and sending their information via their OWN e-mail. If the Member who requests an ID mentions in writing at the top of his form the name and the ID of his Sponsor, the latter will be credited with 1 point if the applicant's file is approved by the administration of Mondial1. To qualify for the rank of Ambassador, the Member must first accumulate 10 points. But for these first 10 points the member does not receive any particular remuneration. If, on the other hand, the qualified Ambassador member continues to accumulate points, he will be remunerated each year in November thanks to the additional points he will have accumulated after the first 10 points. While processing application files, sponsors will receive notifications to inform them of the points credited to their ID. Later, the Ambassador Member will be able to consult the number of points from their Mondial1 dashboard. The accumulated surplus of points is valid for one year, therefore the Ambassador who spends a year without accumulating points will not be taken into account in the payment of the 30% devoted to the remuneration of the active Ambassadors of Mondial1. (See article 6 for more details)Mondial1 General terms and conditions 


At first glance, only the annual participation fees for the organization, promotion, development and management of Mondial1 can be considered as the primary source of income of Mondial1. The second source of income will depend on the gains that will come from the 3 positions (3 Ids: 1, 2 and 3) of Mondial1 in a business that the community will decide to develop. Therefore, this type of income will depend on the profitability and sustainability of the chosen businesses; the third source of income will depend on the sale of dispossessed IDs of Members who do not comply with our terms and conditions; finally, the fourth source of income will come from advertising contracts with commercial companies. A report on these sources of revenue will be done transparently via Zoom, 3 times a year: MAY 12, August 12 and November 12 of each year. 20% of the total amount of income from Mondial1 will be devoted to Mondial1’s administrative management, 30% to the payment of Ambassadors, i.e., a total of 50% devoted to Mondial1 fixed and variable costs. The remainder of income, i.e., 50% will be used to fairly pay all Mondial1 members registered and up to date in the payment of their annual participation fee from December 12, 2021 until June 12, 2021 current year. Mondial1 reserves the right to revise these percentages upwards or downwards if necessary, to meet the management and promotion needs of the network. For any necessary modification, Members will be informed in advance of the reason for such modification and the decision will be validated by vote. 


Any Mondial1 Member must pay their participation fees annually, which is $1 Tron (or in another cryptocurrency chosen by Mondial1); these participation fees increase by $1 each year, for example, they will be $2 the 2nd year of existence and $10 the 10th year. Anyone requesting an ID must correctly complete the request form and include proof of payment hash (transaction ID). Any payment which is not accompanied by the correctly completed application form with the attachments (administrative documents of the applicant + Photo) is null and non-refundable; furthermore, any complaint relating to such a transaction will be rejected by Mondial1. To facilitate the regularity of the payment of annual participation fees, Mondial1 will take stock and depending on the total number of former Members, will debit from its income the total sum corresponding to the payment of all former members with at least one year of existence and the balance will be shared equitably to Members qualified for payment. If, on the other hand, it happens that the balance of annual income is insufficient for the payment of the annual participation fees of former Members registered since December 12, 2021 until June 12 of the current year, each member will be asked to pay their annual participation out of pocket as provided for in our terms and conditions. 


By fulfilling the conditions to become a Mondial1 Member, you enjoy the advantages for which Mondial1 was invented: You benefit from an ID according to the date, hour, minutes and seconds of the sending of your Identifying Number (ID) request made by you, and according to the order of receipt of your email, order established by the Google server in the Mondial1 gmail reception. At your ID position in the Mondial1 binary network, 2 Mondial1 Members, according to their order of arrival in the Mondial1 network and according to their order of ID attribution, will be assigned to you as permanent referrals. Your personal network is also the network of Mondial1, therefore, the more the Mondial1 network balances, grows in depth, the more your personal network from your position in the network balances and evolves in depth as well. 

 The active Mondial1 Member who is up to date with his annual participation fees CAN enjoy 5 sources of income: 

 - The commissions to be received thanks to the position he/she will activate himself/herself through the purchase of his/her pack in a business that the majority of the Members will have decided to develop. 

 - Equitable sharing of the 50% of the annual participation fees of the Members 

 - If Mondial1 is registered in a business, the annual sharing of the commissions of the 3 positions (ID1, ID2 and ID3) which form the winning triangle of the global network. 

 - The commission allocated to the qualified Ambassador Member (mandatory qualification) 

 - Equitable sharing of Mondial1's advertising fees from companies (if there are partnerships in this sense)NB: In addition, another advantage is the possibility for the member to participate in group purchases and have a significant discount on the price of products and services of partner companies.Translated with (free version) companies. 


Member is any person of full age and responsible who has paid his annual participation fee, who has applied for membership by e-mail and to whom Mondial1 has assigned a registration number in response to his email. The Member may lose his ID and / or his status of Member by choice or in the event of non-compliance with the terms and conditions of Mondial1. 

a.  The Member's ID remains his property as long as he remains in the Mondial1 network. If a Member during his lifetime decides to leave the Mondial1 network for his own reasons, this is his right, but he thus loses his right of ownership on this ID. The Mondial1 Member can terminate his ID by respecting a three-month notice so that Mondial1 can prepare to re-assign his ID to another Member. 

b. The Mondial1 Member is noted out of two (2) Points every three (3) renewable years. Consequently, each time the Member refuses to pay for his pack in a business that Mondial1 has chosen to develop, he will lose one (1) point. If during the three (3) years the member loses all of his two (2) points, he also loses his ID forever. He has a second chance to request a new ID by e-mail. If he loses a second time his two (2) points during the following three (3) years, he loses forever his Mondial1 membership and will never be accepted again in the Mondial1 network. Each Mondial1 

c. Member is entitled to only one ID. Any member who cheats, lies about his identity or who uses more than one e-mail to make requests and obtain several IDs, thus seriously violates our operating principles and will forever lose not only all these IDs but also his Mondial1 membership without notice.  

d.  Mondial1 General terms and conditions Mondial1 is exclusively open to adults who are at least 18 years old. 

e.  Any member who produces false administrative documents to cheat on his age will not have an identifying number or will permanently lose his ID and Member status without notice in the event of discovery.The Mondial1 Member must provide valid administrative documents when joining, attesting to the veracity of their identity. Any ID request including false administrative documents made on the computer or by Photoshop will be rejected and the requester will never be accepted in the Mondial1 community. If, on the other hand, the defrauding Member succeeds in deceiving the vigilance of the administrators of Mondial1 and that later this is known, the Member will forever lose his ID and his Mondial1 Member status. 

f. Each year, any member of Mondial1 must pay their annual participation fee between November 12 and December 12 of the year, i.e., within 30 days. Payment is made to a crypto currency address published on the Mondial1 website, on the Mondial1 YouTube channel ("community" page) and in the Mondial1 Telegram group. Members who do not pay their annual participation fees within this period will permanently lose their ID, which will be sold by Mondial1 to those who do not yet have an ID. The Price of the IDs will vary according to its position in the Mondial1 network and the amount of money will be paid into the Crypto account dedicated to the payment of the annual participation fees. The Member deprived of his first ID may request another ID by email by again fulfilling all the ID attribution criteria or redeem his old ID at the price set by Mondial1. 


 a. If a Member is unable to pay for his package in a business that Mondial1 chooses to develop, his ID will be temporarily transferred to Mondial1 or to another Member who so wishes. But this will not be an ID sale or rental. Therefore, the Member who uses the ID of a Member in a chosen business owes nothing to the latter. In addition, the owner of the ID can in no case claim his ID or his position in the chosen business or demand a commission sharing.Mondial1 General terms and conditions If the Member who transferred his ID changes his mind a few days or months later and he wishes to develop the business for which he transferred his ID, he will no longer be entitled to his ID in this specific business if the temporary transfer has already taken place with Mondial1 or with another Member; he can contact Mondial1 so that another ID in the temporary transfer phase can be found for him. However, he will be able to use his own ID in a future business chosen by the Mondial1 community. 

 b. In the event of death, the ID returns to the beneficiary of the deceased Member upon presentation of the death certificate and proof that he is the legal heir of the deceased. However, if no family member informs Mondial1 of the Member’s disappearance and that in addition Mondial1 fails to reach the person to contact in case of emergency (See request form) while the community must engage in a new business, Mondial1 will pay for the Member's ID pack in that Business or find a voluntary member who wishes such a position in the chosen business so that the Member's absence does not affect the network. In addition, in the event of prolonged absence without news, the system of 2 Points / 3 years will be applied. Consequently, if the absent Member loses his 2 points, he permanently loses his ID. Any ID claim after 3 years of absence will not be admissible, however the request for another ID will be accepted. 

 c. Any member who uses the name of Lambert Kouassi or Mondial1 to commit acts of theft, plagiarism, fraud, embezzlement of members to another system imitating Mondial1, or all other forms of embezzlement condemned by the laws in force in his country and by this contract can lose their ID. 


a.  Your personal data sent by email during your membership request by email will not be used for commercial purposes but will be used to create your dashboard on the Mondial1 website on the one hand and on the other hand to facilitate your registration in a business chosen by the community. 

b. Mondial1 will never use your personal data to contact you and offer you business opportunities. Any e-mail that the member receives from Mondial1 will be related to everything concerning the management of Mondial1.
Mondial1 General terms and conditions b. 

c. Mondial1 (M1) logo, name and symbols may not be used for commercial and personal purposes. The concept of Mondial1 is well explained by the designer Lambert Kouassi on the YouTube channel of Mondial1 and in various videos. Any member or Ambassador member who plans to give explanatory lectures must first watch these videos, understand the concept and explain clearly without ambiguity or without giving another explanation contrary to the concept. 


Ivorian laws will govern all matters related to this contract or arising from it and your registration with Mondial1. 


Mondial1 reserves the right to modify this contract at its sole and absolute discretion. By accepting this CONTRACT and joining Mondial1 as a member, you agree to abide by the most recent version of this contract, as modified by Mondial1 from time to time. The modifications to this contract will come into force after the publication by Mondial1 of the revised contract. On the other hand, the modifications cannot be applied retroactively before their respective date of entry into force.

Termes et Conditions Générales ( French )